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Ever tried Maple Moonshine Mussels? Dive into innovative gastronomy, where Rebellion pioneers dishes and drinks that become legends in their own right. From Cornish Moonshine Mojito to a Moonshine Mary, leave the ordinary behind. Revel in an unforgettable cocktail experience as we shake, stir, and pour creations that are sure to captivate your taste buds.

Amidst our audacious offerings, our Sunday roast dinners have carved a reputation of their own, drawing both locals and adventurers alike for a taste of tradition, perfected and redefined.

At Rebellion, we celebrate the unconventional. We’re not here to cater to the mundane – we’re here to amplify your dining experience with distinctive dishes, crafted with passion and audacity. Think of our establishment not just as a restaurant, but as a haven for those daring enough to challenge the status quo.

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Two locations, one ethos

Discover Rebellion in two iconic Cornish locations: Newquay and Charlestown. Each offers an authentic, rustic atmosphere reminiscent of the Prohibition era, complete with reclaimed artifacts that tell tales of times gone by. Whether it’s our top-notch steaks, indulgent burgers, seafood sourced from local shores, or vibrant salads, our promise remains: an experience that’s consistently Rebellion.

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